Welcome to the Rotary Club of Auckland

Looking to make a difference in your local community and give something back? 
The Rotary Club of Auckland is one of the longest serving Rotary clubs in Australasia, having recently celebrated 100 years of service to the community. 
During its long history the Club has not only contributed to many charities and scholarship programmes, it also founded many well-known institutions such as such as Outward Bound, Cure Kids, The Storytime Foundation, the Ellerslie Flower Show and the Crippled Children Society (Now CCS Disability Action). 
Established, connected, and with many achievements that our members  can be proud of, we offer a range of  opportunities for people to add to their lives through volunteering and community service. Not only that, but Rotary provides truly unparalleled opportunities for friendship, personal development, and participation in our worldwide areas of focus.
If you are looking to add to your life with opportunities for service, come and visit us for a no obligation meeting. 
We know that people join Rotary to change their lives, and stay because their lives have changed.